Paramount Success Story

In early February, a woman got in touch with us who had been living in Paramount. Her husband had just left her and their two daughters and she was forced to move out of their apartment because she could no longer afford the rent. She and her daughters had been sleeping in their car for a short time before contacting OPHS in February. Although the woman works full time, her wages were being garnished because of a past eviction so she needed assistance in order to move into a new place. We were able to get her into housing in early March and have been supplying minimal rental assistance for the past few months. Our assistance will continue until the garnishments end in July and the family will become completely self-sustaining. The family is thrilled to be in their own place and off the streets. However, they are still in need of some basic essentials. The client and her two daughters don’t really have any furniture. Since they don’t own a bed or a couch, all three of them sleep on the floor. If anyone would like to donate a bed, couch, or other household items to this family, please call OPHS at 562.804.2189. It’s a very tangible opportunity to really change this family’s life.


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