Family In Need

One of our clients is a single mother of two. She and her two sons fled their previous home two months ago when there was a drive by shooting on their street. That night the family went to stay at a relative’s place in Bellflower because of the danger in their neighborhood. However, when they returned the next day, their house had been broken into and almost everything had been stolen. The mother contacted OPHS and wanted to be re-housed in Bellflower. After a brief episode of homelessness, we’ve been able to move her into a new place and will be providing her with assistance for a short while longer as she gets back on her feet. The family is doing much better and are very grateful for the assistance they’ve received. However, the client has been struggling to provide her two sons with some basic living needs. If anyone would like to donate shoes or clothing, please call our office at 562.804.2189. Any clothing that is still in good condition would be great. The boys wear sizes 5T and 6. Their shoe sizes are: kids 8-9 and 10-11.


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