Bellflower Counts

The Cause

Bellflower Counts is a joint effort of Kingdom Causes Bellflower, Our Place Housing Solutions, and PATH, that brings together community members, businesses, local government, and non-profit organizations to address chronic homelessness in our city.

Big Picture

Bellflower Counts is:

  • Part of the 100,0000 Homes Campaign, a national initiative to house 100,000 of the nation’s most vulnerable chronically homeless by July 2012
  • In line with the Los Angeles County’s initiative to end chronic homelessness
  • In line with the United Way’s Home for Good plan, which aims to end chronic and veteran homeless in LA County by 2016

Best Practice

Homeless management services manage homelessness but often allow homelessness to continue. Housing the homeless, on the other hand, ends homelessness. It is the more economical choice as well. Vulnerable homeless access emergency services such as emergency rooms, paramedics, and police at a much higher rate than those who are housed. Housing the homeless helps stop this cycle and improves people’s lives, as well as the cities they live in.

The Plan

Bellflower Counts utilized volunteers to administer a survey that identified which of Bellflower’s chronically homeless are the most vulnerable, and would be most likely to die if left on the streets. Bellflower Counts is currently working with partner organizations, faith communities, government agencies, and committed individuals to help house the most vulnerable of these people. To date, we have helped to house 21 vulnerable chronically homeless individauls.

Join Us

We need you! We need volunteers to help us with homeless outreach, to provide donations for new apartments, to donate furniture and household items, to help with move in costs, and to befriend our homeless neighbors as they become our housed neighbors. Please contact